My freaking awesome amazing face

Hello, there !

I'm a old java developer from Belgium.

I mainly work on bukkit/spigot plugins, and lots of projects are in my mind.
Experience with plugins : around

So, welcome on this hand-made website. I know, you can clearly see that it has been made by someone who hasn't learned much in web development. Or yet !

Here, have some links :)

You can
 check out my code on
 discover my public plugins on or on
 join my discord server to get in touch with me

or you can even to contact me.

My projects

I've made a few public plugins, some are pretty solid.

- 2018: BettingGames, a complete casino games suite, inspired by 'CS:GO' gambling !
- 2017: BungeeMessagingAPI, not that interesting (I was starting using bungee-cord).
- 2017: QuestCreator, my biggest project so far, to create quests, adventures, and more mechanics.
- 2016: ScrollBoard, scoreboard plugin that can be "scrolled" up and down.
- 2016: PyrCore, my main library.
- 2015: Potatoes, mini-game pretty similar to TNT Tag.
- 2015: CustomCommands, to create... custom commands.
- 2015: PyrParticles, cosmetics plugin (my first public plugin, re-uploaded in 2015 for some reason).
- 2014: (old projects that were removed)

Besides that, I have a lot of experience with custom plugins (100+ successful orders made for maybe 50+ customers).

Here's a list of some works I've made for people (sorted by importance). It might not be 100% accurate, but it's updated when new projects are completed.

Gigantic projects (> 100 hours) / big projects (< 100 hours)
*2017-2018: Lots of plugins (player/database management, games, lots of mechanics, factions, ...) for a french network named Legacia.
*2015-2017: Lots of plugins (miscallenous game mechanics, some games, ...) for Helenos.
*2015-2017: Lots of plugins (miscallenous game mechanics) for Mcfreestyles.
2017: Lots of plugins (donjon, ranking, and more game mechanics) for Razornauth.
2017: Road To The City, adventure game. (Flav)
2016: MostWanted, adventure game. (Percy)
2016: GoldenUhcHost, complete UHC plugin. (Kyrutoo)

Medium projects (< 25 hours)
2018: StackUpgrade, including spawners stacking/upgrade/custom drops, mob/items stacking. (!雙手大師)
2018: TreeFeller, a custom trees detection and chopping plugin. (OwnedGG)
2018: LydariaFactions, factions plugin. (?)
2018: LydariaKOTH, faction minigame. (?)
2018: LydariaTotem, faction minigame. (?)
2018: LydariaMisc, miscallenous features. (?)
2018: KeraziaCore, miscallenous mechanics. (antho_57)
*2014-2017: Lots of modifications/updates for existing plugins.
*2017: Lots of plugins (backpack, ban, NPC, map management, and more mechanics) for a french network called NationsGlory.
2017: NoctaliaRanking, faction ranking plugin with database points. (french network Noctalia)
2017: OriginalCharacters, player character management. (Malcolm)
2017: Villages, parcel management. (baptiste0928)
2017: YlfAchievement, custom achievements. (Chocolatix)
2017: YlfJob, jobs management. (Chocolatix)
2017: YlfZoneCmd, commands with zone management. (Chocolatix)
2017: HotelVente, shop plugin. (iBalix)
2017: PlotSave, plot plugin. (iBalix)
2017: PvpArena, player PVP arena. (JayGame)
2016: Upgrader, abilities/unlocking shop, item selling and misc. (LD)
2016: Pacman, minigame from the famous Pacman game. (Idp21)
2016: CustomEnchants, custom enchantments. (Jordan)
2016: IlluminaCoin, economy plugin. (?)
2016: IlluminaShop, shop plugin. (?)
2016: ChestRegen, chest regeneration with region management. (Chocolatix)
2016: HeroRPCore, door/chest protection and lockpicking. (Amky)
2016: KeepYourSpawner, spawners management. (antho_57)
2016: ElfiaWar, faction war management. (?)
2016: Practice, PVP practice plugin. (Faygwenn)
2016: SigmaMontures, mob mount plugin. (?)
2014: KingShop, shop management. (?)

Small plugins (< 5 hrs) / very small plugins (< 2 hours)
2018: HoloXP, displaying holograms when killing mobs/mythic mobs. (Underune)
2018: SupplyCrates, chest envoys management with item/timers, random loot, etc. (FreshPepperMint)
2018: MoreHearts, health plugin. (?)
*2014-2017: Lots of little plugins I don't remember about / don't have the source archive anymore.
2017: FollowingSpell, spell following the cursor. (Malcolm)
2017: YlfSlotRpg, item slot management. (Chocolatix)
2017: ShopPointsConcertor, convert IG money to shop points. (Alieta)
2017: EasyKits, simple kits plugin. (Dartasen)
2017: Vote4Ban, banishment voting system. (Happy_Killing)
2017: FactionProtection, protection for newly created factions. (iBalix)
2016: SigmaFW, egg mobs management. (?)
2016: TimePerm, permissions with time limitations. (?)
2016: ItemRarity, item management plugin. (NeoXioen)
2016: SOItemRestricted, item restriction plugin. (Mr_Tissandre)
2016: SORank, rank plugin. (Mr_Tissandre)
2016: MobSpawn, spawning regulation. (?)
2016: MobStack, mob stacking plugin. (?)
2016: AntiRegenWalls, ... it definitely does something. (Jordan)
2016: Fly, fly management. (Jordan)
2016: Spawners, spawner give/management plugin. (Jordan)
2016: Sponges, modifications to sponges behavior. (Jordan)
2016: InvasionZSelector, bungee server selector. (?)
2016: FactionsRanking, faction ranking plugin. (Froyz)
2016: IrixiaRank, rank plugin. (Faygwenn)
2016: AnnonceChat, chat announcements. (antho_57)
2016: ArrowEffectSC, levitation effect management. (Amky)
2016: SCPatcher, chest modification plugin. (?)
2015: Autoshop, authkey management. (?)